RHHENSO believes harming animals for their skin to make leather-based accessories is grossly inhumane. Therefore, RHHENSO took a call to be a vegan brand and chose not to use leather in manufacturing its products.

Vegan bags are for a woman of 21st century who is conscious of the fact that breathtaking looks and inner happiness can both be achieved at the same time by using cruelty free exquisite collection handbags by RHHENSO.


Vegan leather has emerged as a superior alternative to traditional leather and is not made from animal skin. Vegan leathers are made from materials like PU (a polymer called polyurethane) and natural ones like pineapple leaves, apple peels, corks, etc. Vegan leather can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth so it is also very low maintenance. Rhhenso sources in the best of these materials from different parts of the globe. Our designers create jaw dropping designs and the product is brought to life by skilled workmen. Quality is kept in mind at every stage of product development and undergoes rigorous inspection before delivery so that it brings a big smile on the face of our valued customers.

The feel of vegan leather is similar to leather and durability too rivals the later. The best part is that vegan leather can easily be crafted to make beautiful trendy designs. Whether the occasion is of party, whether it is for daily use or whether it is for travel, we have a Rhhenso collection for every need.

"PETA loves to build mutually beneficial relationships with kind and considerate companies to promote products, increase awareness, and support the implementation of more animal-friendly and eco-friendly business practices, products, and services."


A pleasant work place can help our mind and body relax and focus, which is what our creative design team enjoys in our design department. We are really proud and pleased to say our production team on the other side also enjoys a peaceful and friendly factory work life. Workplace standards, security, and an approachable relationship between employees are highly important to us, so we ensure our manufacturers also have the same priorities.