World is full of problems from being as small as putting thread in sewing needle effortlessly to stopping the Spread of terrorism.

Rhhenso chose a seemingly simple problem from this vast ocean. It made efforts to answer the following questions…

Can luxury be equally productive? If yes, can it be for everyone? If yes, can it be the one which has a no negative impact? To put in simple words, can there be products which are amazingly stylish, effortlessly fulfilling our needs, light on our pocket and causing no harm to environment?

Rhhenso’s answer to this challenge is a resounding YES which is also enshrined in its motto “Beauty With A Cause”. So when one buys any of our products, he becomes the carrier of this movement, he shares this state of bliss which we want to fill the whole world with.

Rhhenso's CEO, the force behind RHHENSO thrives on solving our everyday problems in her unique and elegant ways. The rare gift of effortlessly putting the ideas cropping in the mind into trendy and quality designs have led to creation of a product line each personally crafted to make you instantly fall in love with them.

The idea of making user friendly yet luxurious products struck her while she was interning for a designing studio. During those days she used to travel for long hours from her apartment to the designing studio, carrying her laptop in a bulky looking backpack. She thought to herself that why not design a laptop carrying backpack which is sleek, stylish, rugged, extremely user-friendly, easy to carry and is made of eco-friendly materials. As a result when RHHENSO started in 2014, what else could have been the first product manufactured but for this unique laptop backpack.

The inspiration behind RHHENSO continues to stem from this very core idea of making user-friendly quality products which greatly simplify our day to day requirements along with being amazingly beautiful.

RHHENSO has now also diversified into bringing handicrafts and artworks from India’s extremely talented artisans from different parts of the country to the customers at large. Through this initiative, RHHENSO plans to do its share in building the New India of future, where we don’t move forward leaving our roots behind.

We believe that your experience shopping at Rhhenso should leave you happy and good-looking, with a feeling you have also contributed in making our world a better place.