Not Being Loud but being proud

Human Emotions knows no bounds. For centuries, societies around the world have tried to inhibit humans from expressing themselves. The discrimination LGBT community face or the pressure they feel from their family or community, have put them at greater risk for emotional health struggles like depression, anxiety, substance abuse and even suicide.

But there seems to be a sunrise happening for LGBTs finally. The Supreme Court of India on 6 September 2018, in a landmark judgement legalized homosexuality by striking down article 377 of our constitution. This judgement was a red-letter day for LGBTs in India marked by celebrations across the country.

While the development above has surely been the major help, still we at Rhhenso feel that more needs to be done to totally integrate LGBT community into mainstream and making them truly part of us.

Rhhenso as a brand completely supports their cause and believes in the saying ‘NOT BEING LOUD BUT BEING PROUD’. Rhhenso is soon going to launch a product line highlighting our belief. The product line will be designed keeping in mind the aspirations of the community and will seek to empower them.